YouTube disables comments on videos with minors

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Finally, the website will take care of children and young people. A blog post about changes related to the safety of minors on the YouTube platform was published on the authors’ blog. The website’s authorities have decided to turn off the comments on millions of videos of the youngest youtubers, in order to protect them from aggressive behavior, for example from pedophile groups.

The changes prepared by the YouTube platform are the answer to the last scandal that ignited the Internet to red. It turned out that pedophile groups searching for materials with minors settled on the largest video service. In addition to leaving disgusting comments, perverts also used the function of time stamps to mark fragments of materials that from their perspective were the most interesting. For example, it is about capturing a certain pose or part of the body of a minor artist. Based on these snippets, pedophiles created and uploaded their own compilations on YouTube. You can find more on this subject in the attached film.

Website owners have not specified that this is the problem described above, but the appearance of such a change shortly after the outbreak of the scandal, as well as the type of proposed solution itself, exactly indicates it. The process of introducing changes is very fast by the outflow of advertisers who withdrew their campaigns after reports of pedophile activities on the platform. Among the companies of these companies was Disney, Hasbro, Epic, and AT & T. Comments have been blocked for tens of millions of movies, but this is not the end and restrictions will be imposed for the next video. YouTube informs that in some cases it will be possible to remove the block, but such channels will need to be actively moderated.

YouTube is also working to improve the recognition and classification of comments to capture bad content. In addition, the platform wants to declare war on users and channels that will try to hit children in any way. The website will punish sharply offenses violating its rules and count on reporting bad behavior by the community.

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