Windows 10 works on over 800 million devices, and Cortana has already responded to 18 billion questions

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Microsoft is celebrating considerable success: Windows 10 already operates on 800 million devices. It is still a long way to a breakthrough billion, but it is a much better result from few months ago when the system was installed in 600 million devices.

To celebrate this moment, the producer also shared other interesting statistics. You can get to know them on the official Microsoft website in numbers. Contrary to what one would expect, the data is primarily about Microsoft as a company. The additional statistics related to the Windows 10 itself is not what count.

This list is, after all, an interesting source of information, from which we learn, among other things, that Microsoft has so far provided 137 grants under the AI ​​for Earth program, analyzing over 6.5 billion signals each day to ensure the safety of users, employees of the company as part of volunteering they have worked 700,000 hours and the voice assistant Cortana answered over 18 billion questions.

The speed of implementation of the latest Windows 10 is poor

Windows 10 logo
Windows 10 logo

In addition to the statistics for the producer himself, it is worth to also look at other data that pertain to the latest system release. In this case, it is about the pace of implementation of the October update of Windows 10, which could definitely be better. A few months after the release, the latest release of the system works only on less than every fourth computer with Windows 10, and this is the worst result in the history of the “big feature updates” of the system.

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