“Why do I see this ad?” – Facebook will show the details of companies with access to our data

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Some time ago Facebook has taken some steps so that companies can not use our advertising data without justification for creating targeted ads. For this purpose, an internal content limit has been set that advertisers can use to construct such ads. Now, the website of Mark Zuckerberg introduces further changes.

From February 28, the button will appear on the website with the “Why I see this ad?” Button – after clicking on it will show us the details about it and the source it comes from. What’s more, we will be able to see the whole way that a specific spot has gone through and the reason for it appearing on our board. I must admit that such a novelty arouses positive feelings.

Of course, do not count on the fact that all advertisers stop using our data immediately. This feature will, however, satisfy the curiosity if looking at the advertisement we think “where did it come from on my board?”. Let us hope that this is not the end of Facebook’s activities in the advertising sphere and in some time our control over which data third parties have access to will increase.

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