What is ALQO Cryptocurrency ? XLQ ?

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ALQO is the new cryptocurrency created by few guys from Germany, originally ALQO has been created in December 2017. Coin is based on Pivx code with masternodes and POS Proof of Stake algorithm. Actual price of alqo = 0.10 $

ALQO marketcap as of writing this post = 5.9 mln dollars

We can mine ALQO with two different methods by owning masternode or mining via POS, two of these methods require from us to own some amount of ALQO coins which we can buy via external exchanges. If we want create masternode we need to have minimum 10000 ALQO coins and actual daily earning you have in the image below :

If you don’t have money to invest in 10k coins you can mine via POS algorithm, in POS it is not required to own specified amount of coins…but if you have more coins you can earn more ALQO per day, in the next article I will write how to mine via POS method.

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