Skype doubles the limit of participants in a group conversation

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Who has never used a group chat on Skype, let him first throw a stone. This is really one of the better and more refined functions of the application. However, for some, the current limit of 25 participants at one time was a bit too small. That’s why Microsoft decided to improve some group conversations.

The first change is just raising the limit to 50 people at once. Now, up to 50 users can participate in one conversation, no matter who we add to it. This step must have taken place, given that competition allows more than 25 people to talk to each other for a long time – which was often used by larger groups of, for example, students.

With the increase of the limit, Skype changes the way of informing about the conversation. From now on large group calls will not be able to call users. The only option to inform is to send them a call notification. A simple, fast and discreet signal that someone should join. Fortunately, this will only apply to larger groups than before – if there are up to 25 people in a conversation, we can still call them traditionally.

Larger group calls are now available in the latest version of Skype, which you can always download here, versions on android here.

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