Protect EntryPoint with VMProtect

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If you are developer and you are creating software with later you would like to sell it is good to think about protecting your app from bad guys/crackers. One of very good protector is VMProtect, it is commercial application used by a lot of programmers. I’m also developer and I’m using this protector to protect my trial applications. 

Protecting Software with VMProtect

When I’m protecting my application with VMProtect first I took care of EntryPoint, I’m always protecting it using option (Ultra) Mutation + Virtualization, it is to prevent crackers from unpacking my software. 

How to protect EntryPoint with VMPROTECT

First load your app to VMprotect :

then click “Add function” button

and click two times on “Entry Point

and compilation type Mutation + Virtualization, so our EntryPoint code will be virtualized, virtualization is currently probably the best method used to prevent crackers from hacking your application.

Virtualization of EntryPoint

You can buy or download demo version of VMprotect -> VMprotect Download 

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