Microsoft announces that Windows users are really well protected

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For many years, it has often been heard that macOS is much safer than Windows. The latter, according to many people, was very susceptible to all attacks, both those that the user earned and those using security errors. This, however, is changing. And as far as the stupidity of Microsoft users can not help, with the security of the system is getting better – and the company is not ashamed to brag about it.

Speaking at the BlueHat security conference in Israel, security engineer Matt Miller said mass attacks on Windows users using security holes are rare today. He also expressed his appreciation for Microsoft’s efforts to improve the security of its products.

According to Miller, security features such as Windows firewall, Data Execution Prevention, ASLR or the ability to run programs in the sandbox make cybercriminals have much harder work and the only effective way to conduct the attack is to use a zero-day vulnerability that Microsoft did not manage to patch up. This is confirmed by charts prepared by the engineer.

As you can see, Windows is becoming a safer environment and having an idea about the basics of cyber security, we can feel quite confident using a computer with this operating system. Apparently the biggest enemy of OS users from Microsoft is slowly becoming system updates 🙂

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