I will block Windows 10 updates if these Microsoft plans become a reality

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The characteristic element of Windows 8 and Windows 10 may become just a memory this year. What would Windows 10 look like without tiles in the Start Menu? I do not know if it’s better, but it would be less useful.

Tiles, tiles and tiles? The solution imported from Windows 8 enriched the Start Menu in Windows 10, but Microsoft is apparently not as convinced about their usability. Announcements of the newly designed Start Menu for Windows 10 appeared at the end of January, and now – thanks to the user vGlad on Twitter – we can see visually how this concept is presented. According to mspoweruser.com, this is the closest to what Microsoft plans for the second half of this year.

Windows 10 Start Menu | Windows 10 Tips

I just prefer the Start Menu in Windows 10 with tiles

And liking to them is not due to habit, but to their usefulness. The idea behind them is very simple – one glance at the Screen / Start Menu would be enough to let us quickly know what is happening in our applications. Weather forecast, news, e-mail, instant messaging, task list, new episode of the series – all this is available without opening individual programs.

This feature enjoys a lot of interest from developers, but most of the applications I use support active tiles and it helps me a lot. What’s more, on devices with touch screens, such as Surface Laptop or Surface Pro and many, many more, tiles make navigation easier. Instead of them, new sets would appear in the Start Menu: recently used applications, so-called “Sets” that is a set of open applications and recently used files. On the left, in its place, the list of all installed applications would remain.

Windows 10 / tiles

I noticed that, apart from my fears, the network is not short of very favorable opinions about such a twist. Tiles were in Windows 10 from the very beginning, but I understand if for someone they seem unnecessary or too complicated. It is not a difficult task to unplug or deactivate them, so I would calmly learn the information about their plans for simplification – one switch to turn it off would probably be great for many people

Does Microsoft actually note such a low frequency of using active tiles in Windows 10 by users, or is it just an attempt to make a change only for a change?

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