How to convert PDF to Microsoft Word?

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The PDF format is the most popular way of electronically saving all types of documents, books, printed publications (after their conversion into an electronic form), etc. Although the PDF format is perfect for writing this type of content, usually a user without appropriate software can not edit documents saved in PDF file format. In turn, the most popular and best-known text editor is Microsoft Word. How to combine the popularity of PDF with the functionality of Word? It’s best to convert a PDF document to a format supported by the Microsoft editor. How to do it? The article is the exact answer to this question.

The PDF (Portable Document Format) format has been developed a long time ago. The first version of the PDF format evolved in 1991 from the one developed by John Warnock, co-founder of the well-known Adobe company, a system called Camelot. Warnock’s goal was to develop a format for writing text and graphic documents that would be independent of the application, hardware or operating system.

Each PDF file contains not only the content of the document, but also fonts, graphic elements, information about the layout of pages and the appearance of the document, as well as other data enabling correct displaying of the file saved in this format. Thanks to this, a correctly saved document in PDF format should look the same regardless of whether it will be opened on a PC, an Apple machine, an Android tablet or a smartphone.

Currently, the PDF format is the most popular way to save text and graphic documents. This format publishes e-books, digital issues of illustrated magazines and other types of documents. The popularity of PDF probably would not have been so big, if not for the fact that Adobe in 1993 published the specification of this format free of charge, while maintaining control over any changes in the code defining the format of the record. Since the beginning of July 2008, the PDF format has become the official international standard ISO 32000-1: 2008.

Although PDF is a convenient method for transferring documents between different platforms, unfortunately, the computer user is not able to edit a file saved in this format. Anyway, with the standard configuration of Windows 7, the operating system does not even contain any program to read PDF files. It was not until Windows 8 that Microsoft decided to add an application to the system called Reader, which allows users to open and read PDF files without installing additional software. For those who use the older version of Windows and do not have any software to read PDF files in the system, we recommend the most popular free reader: Adobe Reader.

Microsoft Word 2016 as a converter

The problem “how to convert a PDF file to a format recognized by the Word editor” has been solved by the manufacturer himself in the latest version of this editor. Microsoft in the editor of Word 2013 and version 2016 introduced the function of converting PDF files to the native format of Word documents (DOCX files). Using this function is very easy.

After launching the Word 2016 editor, the tab with templates and recently used documents appears automatically. To indicate a previously unopened PDF document, click the Open Other Documents link at the bottom of the screen.

Open PDF file to convert

This will open the standard Open tab, where you should simply go to the location where the PDF file to be converted is saved.

If there are files with the PDF extension in the indicated folder, the latest Word 2016 will display them. Select the file to be converted and click Open

Word 2016 PDF conversion

A message will appear informing you that the PDF converter has been started. Clicking OK begins the conversion process. The message contains important information about the accuracy of the conversion. The converter built into Word 2016 copes well with PDF documents consisting mainly of text.

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