How do I add a background video to Facebook?

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New on Facebook – video in the background – is available for a wider range of fanpages. This feature is an extension of the existing background images on the social network website and it can significantly increase the attractiveness of the site by placing the most important content in a place that is visible immediately after entering the company’s fanpage. How do I add a background video to Facebook?

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Adding a background movie on Facebook

The process of adding video in the background closes in a few steps and is very similar to the actions that are required when adding a photo in the background. At the beginning, check whether our site has the opportunity to take advantage of the new option tested by Facebook. All you have to do is check if the icon of the camera is displayed in the upper left corner of the current image in the background:

If so, this means that we can start publishing video in the background!

There are two ways to add a movie as a background – we can either choose them from the already published video content, or create a movie from scratch, then add it. Regardless of which method you choose, the next steps are the same.

At this point, it is worth discussing the requirements that must be met in the background video on Facebook. Social network says that:

  • the optimal length of the background video should be between 20 and 90 seconds;
  • the dimensions of the films are the same as in the case of a background image – 820 by 312 pixels (however, a dimension of 820 × 462 pixels is recommended)

If the videos you added do not meet these guidelines, we’ll get the following message:

If the video is correct, after clicking “Upload photo / video” will start the process of uploading and encoding.

After uploading the video, you can change its position – just like in the case of a photo – so that all the most important video elements are always visible.

In the next step, there is a useful option to choose a video thumbnail and the option of determining whether the video should be looped.

Once published, the background video will be played automatically each time the user visits the fanpage. What’s important – the movie switches on without sound by default, but you can manually change this setting using the appropriate icon.

Background video is also displayed in the mobile version of the Facebook application.

Knowing that the first thing people see on a fanpage of a company or store on Facebook is the place where the photo or video is placed in the background, it’s worth using the new option. It can be used, for example, to present a short company history, present a new product or announcements of an upcoming event.

Are there any new features for adding background video that are already available on Fanpages you are administrators? Do you use it? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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