Google starts AR navigation tests

google ar
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A small group of testers, including the Wall Street Journal journalists, have received a completely new feature of Google Maps – AR navigation.
For the first time, the AR navigation was presented at the Google I / O 2018 conference. So it was a good few months ago. Google, however, is famous for the slow sharing of long-presented solutions.

Navigating with the use of augmented reality will be useful primarily for pedestrians tourists, for whom finding themselves in a jungle of narrow streets and atypical intersections is often quite a challenge. Thanks to the new function, the user will see on the screen of the smartphone the image of the camera, with clear instructions on which direction he should go on.

Video : Google Maps AR

The creators want to simultaneously ensure the safety of people using the facilities – the preview using the AR is to be available only for a moment and does not replace the ordinary navigation view, so that the person using it does not focus all their attention only on the screen of the device. The AR mode will also not be available for car navigation.

The AR navigation tests will probably take a few weeks. When the feature is refined, Google will start official distribution.

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