Google, Facebook and Twitter can not deal with fake news

fake news
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The largest Internet companies are not able to keep their promises in the fight against fake news – said the European Commission three months before the elections to the European Parliament.

Google, Facebook and Twitter as well as organizations associating companies from the advertising industry signed a statement in October 2018. The companies have committed to stopping the spread of fake news on their platforms.

European Security Commissioner Julian King criticized the lack of progress on the fight against fake news fears by three major Internet companies.

  • Unfortunately, the companies were left behind – wrote King in a tweet. – They have to meet the challenges that we set for them and to which they themselves have committed themselves.

According to the commissioner, Facebook did not provide information about his actions against political ads in January, nor the number of false accounts removed due to hostile action.

fake news

The European Commission also came to the conclusion that Google’s actions in relation to political advertisements were not specific enough. Google also did not specify its own actions regarding fake news. The commission also criticized Twitter for not having provided the company with tools to monitor its progress in the fight against counterfeit information.

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