BitcoinCash light wallet, how to download and how to use.. ?

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Hi, I would like to explain you how to download and use BitcoinCash light wallet. So first of all why BitcoinCash light wallet is better than full wallet, the answer is easy, lightwallet is better because we no need to download full blockchain to our disk, so I will show you first how light wallet looks :

This is my BitcoinCash light wallet, but originally it is “Electron Cash” wallet for BitcoinCash “BCH”.

it is very easy and fast to create wallet using this software, we can create seed and write this seed later on paper, so if we will lost our wallet file we can easily recover wallet from seed.

In Electron Cash instead of downloading full blockchain to our disk, Electron cash is using external community servers to relay our transaction..

To send transaction we just need to switch to “Send” tab and it looks like that :


Electron Cash has alot of options 🙂

In Electron Cash we can specify our transaction fee, our using dynamic fees (I prefer to using dynamic fees).

That’s all for today folks ! have nice day.

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