Apple prepares its own response to Netflix

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The Cupertino giant will enter the VoD market. Apple prepares its own response to Netflix – informs Variety. The materials provided by the portal show that the creators of the iPhone on March 25 will show their own platform with films on demand. What exactly should we expect from it?

This, unfortunately, is not known, but it can be assumed that Apple will try to make exclusive productions for its service. The company also reportedly talks with HBO about the purchase of content. Variety claims that the Hollywood stars will participate in the announcement, so you should expect a “pumped” event. However, it is worth remembering that in March the site is looking forward to the official announcement, but not the start. At its launch, you probably will have to wait until summer or even fall.

Netflix / Apple

Will Apple bite the popularity of Netflix? Everything will depend on the regional constraints of the platform prepared by the Cupertino giant, the subscription prices (and we know well that the company likes to appreciate its products quite highly) and diversity in the service offer. However, the company has a very solid financial background, so if it wants, it should be able to offer us at least a correct VoD service.

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