5 Android apps that you can not miss

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I invite you to the first part of five examples of great Android applications.

This week we offer a video player with sound optimization, an extended notebook, and an interesting alternative to the system calendar.

You can download all below apps from Google Store

Night Video Player

Night Video Player A modern video player with useful sound optimization features. The algorithms used make the dialogues louder and clearer, and the loud and sharp sounds in the background (eg special effects) softer and normalized.

This makes it easier to watch movies at night and can also be useful for people learning foreign languages (movies with original soundtrack).


FiiNote An extensive notebook that allows you to create entries in any form. We can write using the keyboard, make handwritten notes, draw, enter task lists, paste attachments, etc. Notes are organized according to the divisions we have defined (tags, bookmarks, notebooks, etc.).

An additional advantage is the ability to synchronize our data through the cloud.

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar with large personalization options. It can be an interesting alternative to the system schedule. The application allows you to customize the appearance to your preferences, there are also seven different views and six widgets for the desktop.

DigiCal also shows detailed weather data, supports different time zones and offers convenient synchronization with popular calendars (Google, Outlook, Exchange).

Linn: Path of Orchards

Linn: Path of Orchards An addictive platform game with unusual mechanics. We direct the guardian of nature – Aban – and we cross the mysterious next levels of the mysterious world. As soon as we start to run, the platforms begin to rotate. This requires a lot of concentration and traffic planning in advance.

A carefully crafted graphic design also deserves recognition.

Mr Bow

Mr Bow A relatively simple arcade that is ideal for a short break at school or work. Our task is to shoot bow to enemies. By passing subsequent levels, we can unlock new characters, arcs and upgrades.

Minimalistic, cartoon graphic design adds a light and fun character to the game

This is all our weekly proposals. If you know the news about which we should write – be sure to let me know in the comment!

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