Run programs with System credentials.

Download PowerPrompt v1.1 (19KB)

This application is freeware.

Administrators or consultants wishing to elevate process privileges.

PowerPrompt creates a command prompt running as System. This can be a great help in various situations:

PROBLEM: Your system is infected with a virus. When you try to end the process from task manager you get "access denied" because the hacker disabled administrator access to the process.
SOLUTION: Run PowerPrompt. From the System console run task manager (TaskMgr.exe). You are now running task manager as System and you can end the process and clean your system.

PROBLEM: You have a service that uses all CPU power. When you try to restart the service you get access denied.
SOLUTION: Run PowerPrompt. From the System console run the Services MMC (Services.msc). You are now running the Services MMC as System and you can stop or restart all services, even ones protected from administrator access.

WARNING: Very often there is a good reason for the restrictions imposed upon the administrator account. USE ONLY AS A LAST RESORT IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT AND ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Why does the program fail?
You need administrative rights on the target system.

Is anything installed on my system?
No. This program is a simple .exe file that will not modify your programs folder or registry.